Our Library

This tool library can help you finish your home and garden projects.

We are a group of committed Mainers who have used our spare time to start a volunteer-run tool lending library in Portland, Maine. In the late fall of 2014 we completed a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign and tool drive to pay for some initial start-up and operating costs. THANK YOU to all to who spread the word, donated and made this possible! We did it!

Are you excited? We are! Thank you for being a part of a true community effort! :)

Please pardon our current site, we are currently updating our web presence. While we get our new site together please feel free to browse our inventory here or drop by to get your library card. We look forward to meeting you someday soon! If you need to contact us email: admin at portlandmainetoollibrary dot org


Sign up for your shifts to earn gold stars and prizes. We will only succeed with you!

Happy Holidays!

Although a Tool Library membership makes a great gift, we will be closed over some of the holidays. We will be closed the 26th of December. Stay tuned over email and here for more closings due to weather as the snow starts to fly. You can always see our schedule on our volunteer calendar.