Video Tutorial – Oil Filter Cartridges on Toyotas

This post is a first in what we hope to be a new trend for the Tool Library blog. We would like to begin curating the digital resources that we or our members have either created, or found useful, in the midst of finishing all those darn projects we have piling up around us. Hopefully you find this, or a future resource, useful in accomplishing what you need to get done.

I grew up changing oil with my father, and have changed oil in my own cars since I’ve owned them. But my partner and I recently came into possession of a car that is, perhaps, a bit fancier than those I’m experienced with: a 2007 Toyota Avalon. When I got under it to change the oil (my partner makes sure I use jack stands, and she’s right; always provide redundant support for your vehicles), I found something I’d never seen before: an aluminum cartridge where the oil filter should be.

Well, I did what any self-respecting millennial would do and I searched for an explanation on Google, and then subsequently a tutorial on Youtube. Of course, what I found was that the aluminum cartridge was the oil filter, just not in one big piece, or what is referred to as a “coffee can” filter, with which I was more accustomed. I also found, though, a really nice video on changing out the filter in oil filter cartridges:

While it is explicitly footage of, and directions for, changing oil in a 2007 Avalon, I’ve found in reading about oil cartridges that the great majority, if not all, new Toyota (and therefore probably Lexus as well) vehicles use this same, or a very similar, oil cartridge. With that in mind, I thought it might be useful for other Toyota owners out there.

I certainly found it useful, myself.

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