Join Us

How it works

  • Get your library card by:
    • Paying $75 in person when you drop by
    • Providing us with:
      • some basic information (your name, email, phone number),
      • proof of address, and
      • a photo id
    • Read and sign some documents that state you’re using these tools at your own risk and sign up to volunteer occasionally. These include:
    • Sign up to volunteer occasionally.
  • Come to our location during our open hours to check out tools. 
    • You can browse our selection beforehand by looking at our inventory list (and look at what we want by checking out our wishlist).
  • Return the tools the next week.
  • Make sure you volunteer to staff our open hours or contact us to help us with your unique skills

What if….?

  • I live far from Portland, ME? Contact us about starting your own tool library “branch”!
  • I return the tool late? …We’ll be really disappointed in you. Other folks are relying on you returning your tools on time. You’ll also have to pay a high late fee.
  • I ruin the tool? …You will be responsible for the replacement value of the tool, established as part of its registration.