Donations are welcome!

  • Tools: We are accepting donations of quality hand or electric tools. (No gas-powered tools, please.) We are looking for any type of home, garden, garage or kitchen tool that you believe the community would like to use. You may suggest items you’d like to see here (Form to Suggest Tools) or take a look at what other folks’ would love to have (List of Tool Suggestions)

    If you are able to drop off your tool at our location (224 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101), please take a look at our calendar and drop it off at one of our scheduled meetings. Please email to coordinate drop off and pick-up. If you are unable to drop off your tools, please email and we will coordinate how to get them from you.

    After we open, if you would like to donate your gently used tools, please bring them during our open hours: Saturdays from 9 AM- 1 PM.

  • Money: If you would like to donate cash, that is also very welcome! Please email us:
  • Time: The Tool Library is a volunteer run project! Sign up here.
  • Ideas: Would you like to join the team of volunteers or do you have ideas or other work you would like to do? Please email us: